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Why do They Lose Customers? Top 5 Most Common Mistakes

Mistake # 1: Poor customer service.

It is unlikely that you will ever hear such a response from a business owner. But you have to face it and acknowledge that there are firms with poor service.

After accepting this thesis, you should check your business for the quality of service and take measures to eliminate the identified errors. According to research, the most common mistakes, and fatal to sales, are:

when a call is made, there is no sound of greeting and a warning about the recording of the conversation;

no greeting and no company name when answering a call;

the manager does not work with the objections "I'll think about it", "Expensive";

at the end of the conversation, they do not agree with the client what steps should be taken next;

there is no stage of identifying the client's needs;

the client waits for a long time on the line, calls are unanswered, the ringing algorithm is not adjusted.


To begin with, every self-respecting company must have its corporate number, which will be easily accessible for calls from any telecom operator.

Make sure that when they call you, the customer hears the greeting and introduction of your company and warnings about the recording of the conversation. This method always adds prestige to the company, and the warning about the call recording will legally protect you. This makes it more likely that the client will wait for the manager's answer since he understands that he is calling the correct number.

At the beginning of a conversation with a manager, the client should hear the name of the person who talks with and the name of the company. This is elementary politeness and an element of the brand component, which gives the buyer confidence in the correct choice of the company because it creates the impression of a structured company with a well-functioning service.

Regarding the work of the manager and his communication with clients, the manager must implement a telephone sales script, according to which the manager must act, and of course, control, listen to calls, correct the conversation, suggest how to lead the client to the purchase.

Install tracking services on managers' workstations to control statistical data: the number of received calls missed calls, call answering time, call duration, etc.

Mistake # 2: Inconvenient site.

You are looking for useful information on the site, and there is nothing important. Finding a phone number takes a lot of time, although it would seem that this is the first thing a client should see. A feedback form with a lot of fields that you don't want to fill out. All of this scares off customers.


In the past, business cards were used to represent companies.

Today the business card of a company is a website. The first impression of the majority of customers will be formed precisely when they get to know the site, so the site design is very important. Pay attention to the usability of the site, that is, how convenient it will be for the client to find the necessary information, how easy it is to contact the manager.

In the past, it was enough to provide one phone number to contact the manager.

Now communication with you should be multichannel, you need to register in all popular social networks, your contact information should be clickable so that with one click the client can call or write a letter to you, the callback form is well-positioned for clients.

Mistake # 3: You don't reward regular customers.

Give discounts to new customers, hold promotions to attract new customers - undoubtedly the right actions, but how do you thank regular customers? No way!?


Among the clients who received discounts and promotions, there may be “freeloaders” who, using the maximum from your company and will immediately go in search of other discounts, but some will remain and will continue to use your services - they become permanent clients.

As your company grows, the number of regular customers will grow and it is important to thank customers for their choice and loyalty. As a thank you for such customers, it is better not to use regular discounts. It would be much more pragmatic to create an individual and original way of encouraging. For example, a personalized gift voucher or a congratulation from a client on a significant date. So the client will feel that very individual approach and care.

Mistake # 4: Focus on value while forgetting about value.

We analyzed competitors, monitored prices, and set the lowest price, but there are still no customers ...?


Without a doubt, every person making a desion looks at the price before buying something. But the price is not the only purchase requirement.

Let me give you an example.

There are client and manager, they are in a computer hardware store.

And immediately, without answering any of the manager's questions, the client assures that only the price is important to him. The manager specifies what price he is interested in, and the client answers - 500 USD.

The manager, without thinking twice, offers him a smartphone for 500 USD.

The client replies: "No, I need a computer."

The manager quickly corrected himself and offered him a system unit and a monitor.

The client is dissatisfied: "No, I need a laptop."

The manager reacted to the comment and offered a laptop with 1Gb RAM.

The client is again at a loss: "No, I need a powerful laptop, and with this, you will not start a single normal game."

The manager changed the laptop to a more powerful one.

The client says: "The dimensions of this laptop are fine, but the screen size should be twice as large."

The manager showed a laptop with suitable parameters.

The client asked: "How much does it cost?"

And then the manager summed up:

“Price is not the only factor that matters to you. When you came up to me, you said that only the price is important for you - 500 USD. I happily offered you a smartphone, but it turned out that your need is a computer. Your need has several characteristics: a laptop, a powerful one, and a large screen size. And only in the last place you are interested in the price! ”

Looking at this simplest example, you should realize that customers often voice the wrong characteristics as a priority that are important to them. Therefore, your task is to see the true benefits of your product/service and highlight them.

And, of course, when communicating with a client, find out the need (characteristics) of the client, present your product in a quality manner, and then say the price.

Do not chase the lowest price on the market, set a price that is acceptable for your business and focus on the value of your product in sales, watch the quality and you will find your niche.

Mistake # 5: Don't improve the quality of your employees.

In any business, people work, even in the most automated, anyway, someone turns on robots. It has already been proven that if people like what they do and the conditions for their work are favorable, then they fulfill their duties 100%, and sometimes even higher. Because inspiration has not been canceled, and when people are inspired, they have creative ideas that develop into something useful and maybe immediately monetize.

Accordingly, when employees don't want to go to work, the clients who communicate with them feel their dissatisfaction. Customers will likely go looking for more friendly and happier managers.


It is very important to be in a team and understand the mood, to catch the moments when employees are on the rise, to support them in the moment of failure, to encourage success. Create comfortable working conditions, hold regular corporate events. Monitor the atmosphere in the office and always motivate! When a manager works with maximum efficiency, clients will not leave you!

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