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How to Improve Your Online Store Reputation: Practical Tips

One of the most important questions that business owners have is how to improve their online reputation. With so many people online today, you want to make sure your business is presented in a positive light. Some business owners don't know where to start and how to build their reputation properly.

Why is online reputation important?

What people see about you on the Internet is just as important as what they hear or know about you! A good online reputation will provide more opportunities to promote your business, it is an essential part of achieving long-term success.

A good online reputation has 3 benefits.

1. More trust from customers. People want to do business with companies they trust. Creating and managing a feedback repository is a form of social proof that will help you build the trust of potential customers.

2. Ranking in Google is higher. A great online reputation means your business will rank higher in relevant search results. Online reviews provide fresh, organic content for your business and showcase your customers' authentic experiences.

3. Higher income. Research shows that having a good reputation translates into more income for your business. According to Harvard Business Review, a 1-star rating upgrade can translate into a 5-9% increase in revenue.

There are some tips on how you can improve your reputation!

Tip #1. Social media presence. The first way to build your reputation is through social media marketing. You will have an even better chance if you talk about your service or product on multiple social networks. Be active on your social media pages so that people are interested in watching you and sharing their opinions. You should also always make sure that your posts leave a good, positive impression.

Tip #2. Create a great customer experience. It all starts here: Providing first-class service and attention to your customers keeps them coming back to you again and again. Some may want to leave feedback (read more about this in our article).

Tip #3. Displaying USP. Think about your unique advantages, this is what makes you different from other stores to a great extent. Displaying your USP will let customers know why your products are better than their counterparts, and why they should give their money to you and not to another company. You need to make sure you are offering better quality and unique products so that people are more likely to shop from your online store. Learn from your competitors to better understand how to implement USP.

Tip #4. Make time for your employees. Ask your employees what they think they need to do their job more effectively and consider additional training and support. Talk about how better work with customer reviews and interact with them. When you give your employees the tools to succeed, your business and online reputation can benefit greatly.

Tip #5. Attract reputable influencers. Influencer marketing is a priority tool for engaging audiences now. In the B2C world, online shopping generates significant ROI with bloggers, and the B2B world attracts experts and influencers. Working with influencers boosts your online reputation in three ways:

This expands your possibilities: "I have not heard about you, but I have heard about them."

It instills confidence: "I don't know you or your brand, but I trust them."

This promotes cross-promotion: "I like them, maybe I will like you too."

Tip #6. Be consistent and keep your promises. As in any relationship, it is important to keep your word and maintain consistency in all areas of communication with your customers. Have you offered a customer a discount as an excuse for poor service? Did you promise to “talk to this employee” about an issue raised on Facebook? Completing and making changes to the tasks you have taken on is a key element in maintaining your online reputation.

Tip #7. Show social proof. Social proof is a powerful tool for social influence, people are more likely to buy something if they see other people enjoying the product. Popular forms of social proof are user activity pop-ups, feedbacks, and individual product reviews.

In particular, reviews are very important in building your reputation. The best way to attract more people is to let users showcase their experience with your online store.

Tip #8. Create quality content. First, it's worth paying attention to your content marketing strategy. Business owners and marketers spend a lot of time creating content for their blogs and social media in the hopes of convincing as many people as possible to spend time on their website.

If your content is boring and monotonous, it will be difficult for you to build a reputation that will bring new customers. The information boom we have experienced over the past decade has spawned countless websites. So what makes one online store more effective in building rapport than others? Simply put, your content should be informative and high quality. The more relevant posts you have on your site, the more your company will be considered an expert in your industry. When people see you as an expert, you build a positive reputation.

Tip #9. Remove ads and pop-ups from your site. You must make sure that all visitors to your website have a good user experience. Even the smallest inconvenience in the form of banner ads or pop-ups can greatly anger customers, which can lead to negative reviews.

Advertising on the site gives the wrong impression. Think about it: global brands can run banner ads on their website and generate millions of dollars in revenue based solely on their traffic. But they don't do that, because it will make them look cheaper and anger the customers.

Tip #10. Facilitate communication with you. Make it easy for customers to contact you, get prices, or sign up for email. Make it easy to find contact information on your website. Customers value their time and they don't want to waste it when it comes to finding your phone number or email address. Moreover, their impression of your business deteriorates dramatically when they cannot find what they need.

If you want your business to be highly regarded in your industry and among your audience, you must work to improve and then maintain your reputation. This is why your online reputation is so essential to building a successful business. On your way, you may encounter some difficulties. Use our tips to attract more consumers to your business and show them why you are worth their time and effort.

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