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Steps towards a unified pricing policy

You face a difficult task - to organize uniform prices for your products on the Internet market. Perhaps some actions to solve it have already been taken but the result leaves much to be desired. By accessing the pages of websites you still find prices much lower than recommended.

How to organize the work in order to achieve the goal and fully manage the processes in the Internet market? Consider the basic steps towards organizing your pricing policy.

STEP 1. Regular automatic monitoring of prices for your products.

To organize a single price, you first need to put them on regular tracking. The best way to do this is to automatically monitor the pages of websites. It is an automatic solution that will become the most systemic, since manual collection of prices or viewing them on price aggregators does not give an opportunity to fully control the situation on the market. You can learn more about this from the article. Automatic vs manual monitoring - battle with unequal forces.  

STEP 2. Automatic distribution of email notifications of violations.

Having recorded the dumping of your recommended prices during the monitoring process, notify the website about it. A brief concise letter with a list of violations sent to Email immediately after detecting inconsistencies will give the seller an opportunity to get acquainted with your requirements and quickly respond to them. In the case of ignoring emails or sending them to spam, you should use more cardinal methods.

STEP 3. System calls to those who do not respond to email notifications.

In the absence of reactionto emails, direct contact with violators will be advisable. An acceptable option is considered to be negotiations with representatives of companies over the telephone. Of course, it is important to remember that to fully control the market, due to the fierce competition, a one-time discussion of conditions may not give the desired result. It is extremely important that telephone calls be systematic and fueled by clear requirements from the supplier. It can be performed by the company's internal managers. But a more profitable and professional option would rather be the transfer of the task of controlling the market completely to outsourcing.

One of the companies that provide a complete set for the organization of a single pricing policy is 7-PRICE. For the effectiveness of the work, Call Center managers are tied to the data of the automatic monitoring system and the auto-distribution service of notifications. In the event that the website does not respond to violations sent by Email, Call managers immediately see this at the program level and receive a command to call the violators for the purpose of negotiations or warnings. The frequency, schedule, call conditions are discussed in detail with the supplier, which gives him all the rights to fully manage the process. The conversation history is saved in a convenient software interface of the online service, and each of them can be heard or viewed on the chart at any time.

STEP 4. Discontinuing supplies to violating companies.

When violators are not affected by direct methods of negotiation it is necessary to put in motion “heavy artillery” - to make a decision to stop the supply of your products. Although intermediaries are not legally bound to comply with the RRP you as a manufacturer or supplier have the right to control who and how will sell your products. The official letter drawn up by lawyers about the termination of cooperation due to a prolonged violation of the pricing policy after dispatch will not take long. Receiving such a notice is likely to cause disturbing websites to violate and force all prices to be correlated with the RRP.

STEP 5. Extreme measure - legal proceedings with violators.

According to statistics more than 95% of websites manage to come to a common denominator using the above methods. But still there is a small part of those who despite any warnings stand their ground. Usually in this series fall small dubious sellers. In cases of combating them a measure of last resort is to transfer the matter to the legal level. Experienced lawyers will help you find legal evidence of violations and file a lawsuit in court for example on the basis of intellectual property law or violation of trademark rights. So if a small company resells your products without accompanying standard services (warranty, customer support) then this seller may well not respect the rights to the trademark.

The main thing is a systemic expert approach in solving the issue!

We have sorted out that there are a number of methods in the way of fighting dumping and organizing a uniform pricing policy for your brand. But their effectiveness mainly depends on who will carry out this task and how. There are the following options:

  • Give the task of monitoring and controlling the RRP, in combination, to your internal managers who perform other work.

Economical option, but you also have to pay for quality savings. Tracking dumping requires painstaking control and, if you do not give it enough time, the result will not give the desired results, and if you pay, other work will definitely suffer.

  • To organize in your company a full-fledged control department of the Internet market.

An option that requires a large investment of time and money. Separately allocated to control managers, of course, will give results, but if all their work is carried out fully in manual mode, then the amount of remuneration will tell about themselves.

  • Transfer the task into the hands of 7-PRICE professionals, and calmly monitor its solution in a convenient, functional online interface.

Efficient cost effective option. The development of information technology has reached a level where in all respects it is more expedient to use automatic software solutions. Automation of processes will provide you with up-to-date information 24/7 perform all the routine work and most importantly with its help you will achieve the main goal - organize a uniform pricing policy for products.

So, having defined clear goals, it remains to weigh the pros and cons and choose the most convenient, profitable and effective methods of control for you. Successes to you and fruitful work!

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